Longhorns take All - Ireland Championship

6th August 2017, 11:46


Longhorns take All - Ireland Championship

McGettigans All Ireland Final

Longhorns kicking off in showery conditions

Great first set by Scholars. Big yards made. Kick dropped in goal. Scrum Scholars out 10

Try Scholars. From the scrum Kenny McCombe crashes over under the sticks. Nathan Graham converts. Scholars 6-0 Longhorns

Great break from the kick off. Scholars crash downfield. Longhorns then offside so repeat set.

Longhorns recover. Knock on and Longhorns relieving set. Good carries and kick down field

Ball dropped and Longhorns have possession but knock on. The slippy conditions are challenging both sides as the sun comes out

End to end stuff. Longhorns defuse in goal and go length of the field. Ball eludes Longhorns chasers. Scholars scrum

Ball dropped in the tackle. Pressure back on Scholars inside 20m line

Scholars continue to press and changing point of attack. Ball goes wide and Scholars adjudged to have knocked on

Longhorns bring on Keating and makes an impact with big carries. Good field position from kick down field

Try Longhorns. Great skip pass and Luke Lehane scores out wide. Conversion missed. Scholars 6-4 Longhorns

High tackle from the kick off. Longhorns down into the Scholars half

Try Longhorns. Andrew Coade jinks over from close and brother Matthew converts. Scholars 6-10 Longhorns

Longhorns close again. Coade dives but just short. Picks up a split nose for his troubles. Longhorns have to reorganise now

Try Longhorns. Cross field kick and Matt Bailey claims it and scores. Conversion missed. Scholars 6-14 Longhorns

Half time. Scholars 6-14 Longhorns

Second half underway. Scholars kick out on the full. Longhorns attacking the Scholars line straight away

Try Longhorns. After the big carries, the ball goes wide and Matt Bailey scores again. Matthew Coade converts. Scholars 6-20 Longhorns

Longhorns carry again. Offside from kick chase gives Scholars much needed possession

Scholars get repeat possession after Longhorns spill the ball. Good set but great defence by Longhorns

Try Longhorns. Good build up by the forwards and Colm O'Reilly throws a huge miss out pass that eludes the Scholars attempts to intercept. Conor Creaby scores and Coade converts. Scholars 6-26 Longhorns

Scholars get some good possession which is much needed. Fall just short of the line but needed the ball in hand

Try Longhorns. Similar pattern sees Longhorns bring it up the middle then go wide for Lehane to score. Missed conversion. Scholars 6-30 Longhorns

Try Longhorns. Scholars kick gathered by Jake Wall who goes on the rampage then offloads to Matt Connolly at the right time to see the speedster score under the posts. Coade converts. 6-36

Try Longhorns. Emmet Banahan steps through a weak tackle. Coade converts. 6-42

Try Longhorns. Deevy scores out 6-46

Full Time. Longhorns win 46-6

Congratulations to both sides